Sunday, June 3, 2007

Some pics and news

I took some fun pics the other day. Here are a couple.

Miles has been growing so fast. Today he was sitting up. By himself. He was so cute, and pretty good at it. I don't have a picture because I had to have my hands there just incase he fell over (rather for when he fell). I'll try to get one this week. He is becoming very interested in his surroundings now. He will become distracted while eating, and become too busy to get back to it. I think its cute because most of the time he is distracted by smiling at me, but then he gets hungry every hour and a half or so because he isn't eating as much. Jared is working all week. Hopefully Miles will nap well because I have homework to do. I should have done it this weekend, but I didn't. I did finish my exams, but I don't know how I did yet. I hope I did well.