Monday, October 19, 2009

Gift Giving

I've been getting ready for and thinking about Christmas for a while now. I'm still working on the HGP. I'm planning and slowly purchasing Christmas gifts. The big "question mark" has been a gift giving philosophy. How are we going to handle giving to my son. Do we give him everything he asks for at Christmas/birthday (they follow in close succession)? Do we set a budget and either give one thing or stacks of things as long as it is in the budget. Do we go with one gift and just leave it at that?

I just read something I'm really happy about for this problem. At Mom's Marbles there is a post today about gift giving philosophy.

Heather says
"Something you want,
Something you need,
Something to wear,
Something to read."

I like this idea. It's built in limits, and fills several areas. This way he doesn't just get things he wants, or just socks and underwear. I've already begun directing his grandparents in their ideas for gift giving so that we don't end up with piles of toys he won't play with six months from now. I think this will be great for us!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Funny things he says...

I just got Miles up from nap time. I knew he wasn't napping while he was in bed. Jared and I went in to get him up and the first thing Jared saw was his blanket on the floor and he asks what happened. Miles says "oh, it just fell." I saw his diaper laying on the crib mattress and asked what happened. He said "it just fell off!" Laughing we asked what happened to the pillow case which was off of the pillow. He said, "it just fell off!" I asked if it was at the same time as the diaper and he says, "it just fell off at the same time as the diaper!"