Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aprons and sewing!

I'm so excited. I found a blog called Sassy Apron Swap where they...(wait for it) Swap aprons! I found them after the last swap had started and watched until the next one. I signed up, but the deadline was over a week ago (on the day I signed up) so I had almost given up on getting a partner. Today I checked th blog agian and the partners are being emailed out! Yay! I have never done this before and I have only done one swap before too. I hope whoever gets my apron isn't dissapointed! I'm so excited it has to be a summer apron. I can't wait to pick a pattern and fabric!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beware the Tax Man cometh

Ours are done, and I hope yours are too!

We went to my grandmother's house again this weekend. She loves spending time with Miles which is great to see. Usually weekends at her place are a quiet affair. We lounge around, read a lot, nap sometimes, and do some of her yard work so that she doesn't have to do it all. This time it was hectic. Jared and I had a class that we were attending near her place with a friend. My grandmother graciously invited the friend to stay with us this weekend too. My parents came as usual and watched Miles during the one day class. We drove out on Friday night later than we wanted to. We had to put Miles down at the house then move him, but he was sleeping poorly and took a while to go back to sleep in the car. Anyway, we arrived, had a good class (all three of us passed the two tests during the day), and we drove back on Sunday after visiting my other Grandmother who is also in the area.

One exciting thing is that Miles walked a lot more. Two weeks ago when we were there he took a few tenative steps and had no interest after returning home. This time he was taking 15 or 20 in a row and had walked a bit after coming home too!

My plants are doing well and a few blooms from the tomato plants have fallen off and tiny tomatoes have replaced them! It is exciting. My irises are blooming beautifully too! I'll have to get a photo of them.

Well, nap time is almost over. I should begin on some of the massive amounts of cleaning that I had planned on completing.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Nice weekend

We had a very nice weekend. Every weekend since we have been back in Texas has been very busy. This one was no exception other than the craziness started on Wednesday! Wednesday night Jared left for Tennessee. He left just at Miles' bedtime, and returned Thursday after bedtime. Friday he was going to work from home and we were going to have a bit of family time before we hosted a dinner for some friends here at the house. He ended up having to go in "for a couple of hours." That turned into several, which turned into him calling me at 5:30 saying that he was headed home, but had to dial back into the conference call that he had been on since 2 and he didn't know when he would be off. Sure enough he got home a little after 6 and was still on the call until just before our friends showed up at 6:30! I had to entertain Miles and clean the whole house by myself while prepping all the food that we were to make. Fortunately we were grilling so that could wait until they actually arrived! Even so, we didn't eat until late and Miles went to bed at 8:30 that night.

Saturday a friend brought her nephew over and we went to the aquarium. It was so much fun! They have a jungle theme and lots of animals in addition to regular aquarium fair. The kids really enjoyed the seal who would swim by and "scream" at them. Because we were running late leaving poor Miles skipped his afternoon nap. We had dinner plans with another family and he ended up melting down right after we finished eating. They were very gracious and understood completely. We left but he didn't fall asleep in the car so he stayed up until 8 that night.

Sunday we had no real plans and wanted to keep it that way. We ended up going to half price books and messing around there for a while then coming home and grilling again and going for a nice walk. I had read about someone making homemade soft pretzels last week and I was dying to try it! So I made up a batch of dough before we went to the bookstore and let it rise while we were gone. We made those up on the grill and they were fantastic! I can't wait to try it again.

Today the weather is supposed to be nice before beginning to rain off and on for the rest of the week. I think Miles and I are going to take advantage of it while we can. We'll go for a walk after he gets up from his nap and maybe again after Jared gets home. I weighed myself this morning and I was not too happy. :( Not too upset, but I don't want to get there either.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


There are so many things I'd like to do this month.

I've been working from the "Sidetracked Home Executives" books for housekeeping. They have you use a card file to keep up with chores. I'd like to "stay in the box" all month long! That would be a HUGE accomplishment for me. I start off each week well, but by the end of the week I've usually blown off a bunch of tasks and generally gotten off track. Also, when you skip a card you are supposed to file it as though it has been done after making a notation on it so that you do it next time you come to it. I haven't been doing this either. Because I'm not staying with it for a long time, I'm just removing the cards that mark the day and leaving the task cards on the next day. This makes the amount to do on each day a lot. So, I really want to give it my best for a whole month and see what comes of it. After that I should know if it is the method I want to use.

As I said yesterday, I am really ready to start sewing again. There are many projects that I want to work on. This month, I'd like to begin and complete the bean bags for Madison and Nicholas. I'd also like to finish the binding for the baby blanket. This will only leave the quilting left on that project.

I want to finish decorating the kitchen and laundry rooms. I also want to hang the last of the art that we haven't put up yet.

This weekend I read about half of Exodus. I'd like to continue my daily Bible reading this month (hopefully catch up to where I should be in the Bible in a year study). My parents both said they wanted to participate in the read the Bible in a year study, but neither of them were caught up either. I read outloud in the car. I hope Jared decides to get involved too.

One last thing, I'd like to start sending Jared the daily pictures of Miles again. I had been doing well with it, but not recently.