Monday, October 20, 2008

It's kitchen week! HGP

I've already done my kitchen, but over the last few weeks my house has fallen apart! I pretty much expected this, but not quite to this degree (or maybe I expected that I would have it back by now). We went to Mexico, we were here for a week and a half, my sister came with her two children, we went camping, we visited the grandparents, we went to the fair, my sister left, Jared had an all day shooting competition, then we got sick. Blech! It hasn't been too long yet, but I'm still not 100%. At any rate, I knew my house would be a mess after the last 3 weeks, but come on! I'm staring at a sink full of dishes, loads of laundry, tons of Jared's stuff on the sideboard, and my freshly mopped floor! You have to start somewhere!

Anyway, I've done the main organizing of the kitchen, but I need to get everything back under control. All the rooms, but mostly the kitchen and dividers in the dining room.

Oh, one last thing, and this is very important! Early voting starts today in Texas. Vote!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What our camping trip looked like...

First, we left home (duh), sorry no pics.

Then the visit to Grandmother's retirement home.

Te campsite was fantastic!

The Elvis impersonations.

The showers.

The kids.

The meals.

The tire changes (2 of them!).

The tractors.

The feed trough rides.

The cows.

The cow petting.

The cow riding.

The cow feeding.

The in the car silliness.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HGP - Kid's Room Week

I'm so excited that this week is Kid's room week in the Holiday Grand Plan. Miles is little and we don't keep much in his room. We can't tell him to go play in his room. We do keep a few books and toys in there and he does play there some, but mostly it is out in the family areas of the house. As it is beginning to get cooler here I will need to go through his clothes; he is also getting a little bigger and I have a few I need to cull through. I cleaned the walls in his room really well before setting up his crib and repainted where needed. On Sunday we (finally) bought a new sofa. We took the futon that was in the den and moved it into Miles' room. We also did a little rearranging to make things fit. It is a little more snug than I'd like, but it's ok for now.

At any rate, I'm excited about it beeing kid's room week because I don't have much to do. This is great because my sister is coming into town this week with her two kids and she wants to go camping. With two toddlers! Yikes!

Friday, October 3, 2008

We're Back

Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Chomping at the bit to go!

Miles and Mommy watching the ocean.

A view of the resort.

Hi Miles and Daddy!

The beautiful bride.

The vows.

Miles playing after the wedding.

More play time!

A view of the sunset from the villa.

The lovely bride and groom enjoying a dance.

Miles after breakfast watching the waves.

Orchids at the resort.

Miles in front of a fan at the hotel.

Miles and Jared being silly.

Finally on the way home!

We had a fabulous time. My recommendations? Sure, don't pick a flight with a 4.5 hour layover in Mexico City, then have the second leg of your flight get delayed when you travel with your 1.5year old. Other than the traveling we did have a great trip. Even the traveling part wasn't too bad though. There was a fair amount of grin and bear it though. We are basically back on schedule and have the house back together, but I think Miles is getting sick. I hope it won't be too bad. It is affecting his sleep and his attitude a bit, but he is still playing and eating ok. My sister and her two kids are going to be here on Wednesday. They'll stay with either my parents or us that night, the next morning she wants to go camping. We'll camp Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday night we'll spend with my grandmother, and Monday night we'll be back here. They leave some time on Tuesday. Whewh! That will be a whirlwind. I really hope that everyone is well by then!