Monday, April 12, 2010

My week and the bathroom

On Wednesday evening Jared was taking a shower, and I was picking up. I went to put something in the bathroom, and Jared asked if I knew what was on the wall. It looked like a little gob of dirt, so I knocked it down and tried to catch the gob of dirt in a tissue. When I looked at the tissue, all I had was a termite! Eek! I called the exterminator, and he came the next morning. Yup, it was a termite. The first thing he said when he saw where it came from was "hmm, that's strange." Yeah, fantastic! Apparently they are coming up through the foundation on the outside of the drain pipe for the shower.

The exterminator says he'll need to drill a hole in one of the tiles in the hallway, a tile in the bathroom, and through our wood laminate floor in the bedroom. *sigh* At some point Jared and I say we were thinking about redoing the bathroom, how about if we pull out the shower pan? Yep, that will do it and save the floor too! Well, we are now remodeling the bathroom!

I'll post some pictures soon. Apparently when they built our house it was common to put up sheet rock in the whole bathroom, then sheet rock where you are going to put up tile. Then apply the tile with liquid nails glue. Yeah, that's pretty special! The shower is out down to the studs, the exterminator comes tomorrow to get rid of our friends, and a contractor comes on Friday to talk about replacing the shower.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We tried a couple of fun things this year. I don't have pictures yet because Jared's dad was taking them. This year I told Miles that his Easter basket was hiding, and he'd have to find it. I gave him an egg and inside was a clue. He (with the help of his aunt) had to follow the trail of clues to find the basket. At first he didn't understand, but near the end he was really getting excited to find the clues!

After he'd found the basket and looked at what was inside we went to a neighbor's house. We took dessert and some campaign over for the egg hunt. I'd dropped off eggs earlier in the day and her husband hid them in the yard. It was fun to let the kids hunt together. We didn't really have any problems with fights over eggs either. In fact, the kids were pretty slow to find them. Miles stopped after every egg to eat the candy, and Malory is 20 months and doesn't quite understand. At some point when they'd slowed down, we just picked up the rest of the eggs with candy and put them away!