Monday, February 13, 2012

Bathroom - long & full of pics

Honey... this doesn't look good.

Nope that would be termites.
After carefully examing our options we could A drill the floor B get rid of the shower.

Before pictures

Oh yes you see that towel?? That's where the light switches are.

SWEET a pedestal sink in 5x8 bathroom? idiots.

Thankfully tear out was a breeze thanks to the extra help.

Yum termite lunch

Why yes your drop box has got to go.

I know what this bathroom needs.. A pocket door!

Pocket door installed:

I moved the shower wall out 8 inchs and relocated the plumbing for a bigger shower. The builder used a pre-fab pan and a false wall.

Tile up and waiting on the shower valve cause Delta packaged the wrong one in the box fail :(
Did you notice the popcorn ceiling in the first 2 photos? That is gone too. All new ceiling, with orange peel texture and 4 4" can lights.

Shower door was installed today.

oooh look storage. Something a small bathroom desperately needs. I also added an eletrical outlet to the medicine cabinet to keep stuff of the counter.

All told we did the following:
Remove old shower
Remove sheetrock
Remove door and install pocket door
Relocate electrical to the wall on the right as you enter the bathroom
Install cans
Remove floor
Install vanity
Install medicine cabinet
Expand shower and relocate plumbing