Monday, September 6, 2010

September/October Goals

I think overall I did well on goals for the month during teh begining of the month. I really petered out at the end of the month. In fact I had a real motivation problem toward the end of the month that I'm still working on getting over. I've had a post with these pictures ready since the 7th of the month, but no words to put in it. Here is hoping this doesn't last much longer. The goals for September were:

Personal Goal: I'm going to work on the Bible study again. I'll combine this with the nails. That will give me a good 6 weeks with no biting. I did pick back up on my Bible study. I was able to finish Luke and begin on John. I also stopped this about mid month so I'll continue to work on that. I also did well on the nail biting for the first half of the month. I needed to get another manicure. That is where I always fall off the wagon, I never get the second one soon enough.
Fun Goal: I'm thinking we'll try roller skating this month. We are also going to go to each of the museums we have memberships with as well.We didn't go roller skating. We did go to both of the museums though. I think we might go back to the flight museum tomorrow.
Teaching Goal: Potty training! Yikes! We began last week, but that is what we are learning this month. I'll also continue with the letters. I think potty training was a success! He's doing great now and even tells me when we are out and he needs to potty. Letters are also going well. He knows all the capital letters. We haven't worked on lower case at all.
Resolutions Goal: I think I'll pick back up on my sampler quilt. No reason to drag that project into next year! I didn't start back on this until a week into the month, however when I did I was pleasantly surprised at how much was already done! I have another several days to finish the inside of the quilt, but I hope to begin the border of the quilt this month. I'm planning to do that on the machine.

Next up? October's Goals!
Personal Goal: NAIL BITING!!! I have got to stop this nasty habit!
Fun Goal: I am not really feeling this one right now, what with the lack of motivation and all, but I think we will try to take the light rail one day. I know Miles would love that!
Teaching Goal: I think we will work on numbers. I need a break on letters. He is loving books right now. We are really in to Uncle Wiggly. Those stories are so sweet, but we need more of them.
Resolutions Goal: I need to keep going on the quilt. I think I'll also work on helping Miles pick up his toys every night before bed. We've been pretty good about this for a day or two, but we need more structure around here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Potty Training: Day 6 & morning of Day 7

Yesterday we had no accidents! I'm so proud of him!
This morning he didn't want to put underwear on (I still have him in a diaper overnight), but after he got it on he played happily. Then he told me he needed to go to the bathroom again and went. Today he goes to Mother's Day Out so that I can go to work. I hope all goes well there. I'm basically expecting at least one accident. Their bathroom isn't very close to the classroom, and the teacher has several other kids she's helping too. We'll see though. He's surprised me before.
I can't say how proud I am of him. At the end of the day today we will have been at it for a week, and he really seems to be getting it.