Monday, March 31, 2008

This weekend

This weekend Jared and Miles and I went to visit my grandmothers. They live about 2 hours south of us now but this is the first time that we have been able to visit. My father's mother is in a nursing home, and my mother's mother lives about 15 minuets further south of that. It makes the visiting very convenient. They were both doing well, and enjoyed seeing Miles (of course)!

Things are beginning to fall in place for us I think. I'm feeling like I have a handle on the house, and I'm itching to set up my sewing machine and get cranking on some projects.I said before that I thought the first think I'd work on would be Miles' baby blanket, but I've been thinking about some bean bags I want to make. I'd like to make two sets, one for Miles and one for his cousin Madison (her birthday is in May which is sneaking up on us).

Monday, March 24, 2008

First steps!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! I did. Only in part to the fact that Miles took his first steps! They were little, and only a few but he did it. He is still not standing on his own regularly, but can. Usually when he notices that he is standing on his own he will sit down.

My parents, Jared's parents, and his sister came over for Easter dinner. Near the end of their visit (and past when Miles should have been in bed) we sat on the floor and had him walk from one to the other. We would all burst out in applause when he would walk. He loves praise and loved all the attention. He was pretty quick to get the hang of when he would receive it! He was so cute. At the end I asked my dad to get some pictures of him walking between Jared and I. He snapped some pics, but never when he was walking on his own. Here are a coupe of those photos.

We finally bought the grill that Jared was wanting way back
here. That is why we had Easter here even though we are not completely unpacked yet. We were coking a brisket, but the fire went out over night and wasn't ready in time. We ended up making pizza on the grill. Cool huh? Wood fired pizza on a grill. It was great although not a traditional Easter meal.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Miles has really been coming into his own recently. He has been very clingy and whiny but he is growing up! He will see us doing things and he wants to mimic them. If I am working with a tool he can hardly contain himself until I finish or set it down, then he will pick it up and try to do what I was doing too. He has always been interested in how things work. When he sees a toy he will almost always turn it over to inspect the bottom within the first 3 minutes. He likes cars and anything with wheels.

The other day I was in the kitchen making breakfast and unloading the dishwasher. The box of pancake mix dropped from the cabinet and I left it there (yeah, I'm a good housekeeper). Miles saw it and started to look in it and pull out the bag of mix that was inside. I took that away from him, but as he was already a little powdery I let him play with the box and the bit of powder mix left in the bottom. Well, it's not in the bottom of the box anymore.

We have been wanting to do some gardening this year. Well, with all that we are doing to the house and moving in and organizing and raising a one year old, we didn't have time to prep the ground for the garden. I had already told Jared that I wanted to start small this year. I really am not good at growing things, so I really didn't want to be overwhelmed by trying to grow everything under the sun. Then I would have to keep track of when to harvest everything, weeding some huge garden etc. We decided that this year we would start in pots. While I was filling the pots with dirt Miles was there to help. At first he would just touch the dirt, but after a bit he really got into it and ended up taking handfuls of dirt and putting them into the pots like I was doing. He was however offended that I would not let him play with the plants and try to pull off their leaves. He only tried to eat the dirt once too!

Here he is helping by mixing up the labels so that I will have no idea which plants are where.

Here are my little plants all reaching up to grab some sun (well, today all they are getting is rain, but that's good too).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Haircut & Valentine's Dinner

We finally did it today. I have been wanting to get Miles' hair cut for well over a month now, and today we did it!



As you can tell, it really needed to be done and now it looks cute!

Jared and I went out for Valentine's Day dinner tonight too (yeah we are behind on all things). Actually it wasn't for Valentine's Day so much as it was out. The moving company just didn't show up one of the packing days and to make it up to us they said they would buy us dinner. Jared's parents told us that they would watch Miles for us if we wanted to go out (the offer started as going out the weekend after Valentine's Day). Well between the move and Miles being sick last month, we just did it today. It was great. We had a very nice time. It was strange to miss our boy, he is usually so close! We called before we went into the restaurant, and he was doing fine. We also called on the way back before a stop we had planned to make and we was still great! What more can you ask for. We are so grateful to have parents that want to spend time with our son and want us to be able to spend time on our own too!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Look at me, I'm still here!

Yay, I'm still here and have even found most of my stuff. I put some of it away too (he he)!

Yikes! That was day one. When our stuff first got here. It no longer looks like that. In fact, we have even gotten rid of the boxes that everything was packed in. I consider this quite an accomplishment because after our move out to San Francisco, we kept all the boxes. That is right, collapsed them and stored them in the garage. We knew we wanted to come back home, and didn't know if the company would pay for it. I don't currently have an "after" picture of that room because it isn't quite finished. It is unpacked but not organized. We are also putting in flooring in there. You can't see in the picture for all of the boxes but that room just has a painted concrete floor.

Anyway, Miles had his first birthday!

We had the party at Jared's parent's house. They were great to host it and I didn't have to do much at all except get the food.

We have been doing LOTS of cleaning!

But of course there is much more to do too!

This was amazing, here is my backyard one day (yes I know the grass needs to be mowed).

And here is the front two days later...

Now I know any of you from somewhere that actually gets snow won't recognize that stuff on the grass, I mean weeds, but it was snow! And just two days before that we were wearing shorts and t-shirts! In fact, that afternoon we were back to shorts. Thats Texas for ya!

Anyway, that's all for now!