Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rough couple of weeks

Just as a place to record memories...

We have had a rough couple of weeks. When we were in California we only had one set of friends that had a child and he was only a few months older than Miles. We loved spending time with them, they were good friends. In mid February they had a child pass away. Audrey Seri R. died on February 20th, one day after her mother's birthday, and about 2 months after her own first birthday. It was completely unexpected. She'd had a fever for a couple of days, but other than that she was a healthy baby.

This Sunday, March 4th, a friend's father died of Parkinson's disease. John V. had been sick for a good while and his health had really declined. It is terribly sad and he leaves behind a wife, and 2 daughters.

Today another friend's baby died. Lucy Katherine J. was about a week short of her 3rd birthday. Her family has known she was sick for a good while. Her heart was too big, and therefor weak. This also is terribly sad.

My heart is breaking for these families. There are no words to convey my feelings to any of them, not that they would do any good. We are praying for each of these families.