Saturday, May 19, 2007

Eight o'clock and all is well

It is 8:40 and the whole family is in bed. Jared came home Thursday evening from work with what he thought was food poisoning. He has felt pretty crummy ever since. He has been running a feaver between 99 and 100 (not consistantly, ofter it will be normal). He threw up Friday morning. Fortunantly he didn't have to go in on Friday. He called the nurse hotline through our insurance, and they said continue what we were doing, bland foods, plenty of water, and asprin for the headache and fever. So, he went to bed early today, Miles is asleep, and I'm bored! Jared kinda wanted me to be around, so he gave me his laptop to use in bed. Sorry, no pictures in this post because they are all on the other computer. I really hope he is feeling better tomorrow. He is helping out with Miles where he can, and I know he is trying not to add to my work load, but I will just feel better when I know he is. I called my sister (Celeste) yesterday. She said that her husband thought he had food poisoning too, but she thinks it is a stomach bug and she was getting it. Fortunantly I don't seem to be getting this, and neither does Miles. Celeste said that Justin and Madison (her children) haven't gotten it. Let's hope none of the kids do!

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