Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HGP - Kid's Room Week

I'm so excited that this week is Kid's room week in the Holiday Grand Plan. Miles is little and we don't keep much in his room. We can't tell him to go play in his room. We do keep a few books and toys in there and he does play there some, but mostly it is out in the family areas of the house. As it is beginning to get cooler here I will need to go through his clothes; he is also getting a little bigger and I have a few I need to cull through. I cleaned the walls in his room really well before setting up his crib and repainted where needed. On Sunday we (finally) bought a new sofa. We took the futon that was in the den and moved it into Miles' room. We also did a little rearranging to make things fit. It is a little more snug than I'd like, but it's ok for now.

At any rate, I'm excited about it beeing kid's room week because I don't have much to do. This is great because my sister is coming into town this week with her two kids and she wants to go camping. With two toddlers! Yikes!

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