Saturday, December 20, 2008

HGP Overview

So, I'm glad I participated in the Holiday Grand Plan this year. I didn't get all out of it that I should have, but did get a lot of good from it. I think in large part, the reason I didn't get the most from it is that I didn't have the info printed out at the beginning. I've been having problems with my printer and decided to save whatever prints were left, so I didn't print them. They have lots of tips about things to be sure to clean and lists to keep etc. Because I didn't have them printed I didn't get the tips and didn't really feel like I was participating either. However, I already have a reminder on my calender to participate next year. While I'm thinking about it, I'm going to add a reminder a couple of weeks earlier to be sure that I have all the forms printed. I bought a new printer already, so I'm thinking about printing them now and putting them in a binder. But where would I sore it so that I could find it? If only I were more organized!

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