Monday, March 2, 2009

successful week

This was a great weekend. We go so much accomplished! Saturday we went to Lowe's and bought a new microwave and wood to get my raised vegetable garden together. I'm so excited about both of those things. I had found a 10% off coupon and Jared had gotten a $50 American Express gift check as a reward from work, so we saved a little. The microwave had to be ordered but we could pay for it so we were still able to use the coupon. It will be in this week. We also went to a Korean market near the house, and picked up carry out from our favorite Italian restaurant! Yumm! Lasagna and minestrone soup. Does it get any better? Oh yes it does! I also had washed the duvet cover earlier in the week and finally had a chance to iron it and get it on the bed. Then in the evening we were reading to Miles on the bed and he coughed up a little phlegm. Jared grabbed a tissue for it and cleaned it up. Then he held it under Miles' chin (in case he had to cough more) but I think Miles took it as a queue that he should cough more. So he did. He coughed a couple of times and threw up! On my freshly washed and ironed duvet cover! As well as his pajamas, my pajamas, and our blanket.

Sunday we mowed our weeds and did some trimming on the trees in the back. We cut the wood to make the raised vegetable garden, and laid that out. I ran basically all the laundry (including the comforter & duvet cover) and put most of it away.

So far this week I've done almost nothing except spring cleaning of the kitchen. The good news? I'm basically done. I scrubbed the baseboards today. I need to finish a bit of putting away, and I skipped the drawers and spices. I recently did the spices so they are ok. I really need to do the drawers, but today is only Wednesday. Oh, one more thing...I'm almost done with the dining room too! I don't keep things in the dining room. Just a table, chairs, one picture and two windows. While I was scrubbing baseboards in the kitchen I went ahead and did the dining room too. Just a couple more things and I'm done in there and a week ahead on the cleaning plan! Woot!

Tomorrow is playgroup. We haven't been to anything for Miles in weeks. He got sick around 2/13, and then Jared and I got sick. Now it's basically a month later, and we CAN NOT STAY IN THIS HOUSE A SECOND LONGER!!! Ok, not really, but yeah. We went to Jared's parents house today for lunch, and we saw my parents this past weekend; but it's not the same. It isn't getting out with other kids. I think he's going to enjoy (I hope). This playgroup is at an indoor playground with bounce houses. He never enjoys that as much as I think he will. Hopefully I'll take and post pics too. I have got to get back into the picture thing!

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

So glad to read that you were able to get out of the house and have some playgroup time. Isn't life always a bit better when our boys have an outlet for all that energy? :)

Oh, and your fab, fab kitchen and incredibly clean home both sound amazing. Since we are practically neighbors, I do hope you will be calling me once your housework is done. I could really use some of your expertise over on this side of the Bay.