Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Working so hard!

This is what I call progress. Right at this moment I'm vacuuming the kitchen (Roomba), washing clothes (washing machine), reheating coffee (microwave), downloading pictures, and blogging (laptop). All this while I should be working! Oops! :)
Hope your day is starting out as productive as mine!


ilovemy5kids said...

Does the Roomba really work? I might be totally interested! Thanks!


Sharon said...

I was surprised when I read your comment that I couldn't just respond with a yes. Mine was a gift from my in laws when Roomba was pretty new. They have made a lot of changes to them. Mine works pretty well for mid week cleaning. It does leave some to be desired, especially in the corners. That being said, I can use it in a room or two a day and not have to sweep in there. It is annoyingly loud and takes a long time though. My dining room takes about half an hour! As I said I didn't buy mine, and with prices what they were at the time I probably still wouldn't buy one. Prices have come down significantly though. I'd say they are probably worth it now.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Psst…remember me? We used to be such wonderful cyber-friends. I’d stop by your blog and comment, you’d stop by mine and comment. It was fun.

I think you even offered to come by my house, cook dinner, and watch my kids. No? Is that memory a little fuzzy for you?
It’s OK. I’ll get over it.

You are a master multi-tasker! I aspire to your greatness.


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Holy smokes! Isn't technology amazing?! ;)