Saturday, August 21, 2010

To do this weekend (so far)

Edited: I'm crossing items off as I complete them, and adding items as I think of them.

Sweep/Mop: *Den *Kitchen *Dining Room *Game Room *Entry *Hall *Bathroom *M’s room *My room *Office
* Change sheets * Pickup * Laundry * Clear Table * Call Bank * Dishes * Dump packets * Clean bathroom * Put Away Laundry * Clear counters * Clean laundry room * Clean off futon * Litter box * Post Pictures to blog * Download photo book software * Work on photo book * Download dad’s pictures * Get Diapers/Wipes * Meal Plan * Grocery Store * Visit mom & Dad * Return Hard Drive * Art exhibit for Jessica * Make baguettes for Monday * Talk to J about motion detector for Mamaw & us * Change Tablecloth

It is now the end of the day Sunday, and I completed most of the list. Not too bad. I didn't do any of the sweeping and mopping so now the house needs it more than ever. I'll have to do it tomorrow.

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