Thursday, February 24, 2011

Airplane Party Round Up

I finally have photos of the invitation and thank you notes from the Airplane party, and I thought I'd put the pics up in one post.

Here is the invitation. We made it look like a plane ticket and the envelopes are made from maps. I brought them from vljasper on etsy.

These are the room markers for the parties. They were cute, but didn't prevent people from coming past the other party room to ours who were for the other one.

Food and dessert tables. We had way more stuff than we needed!

These are the give-aways that we made for all the kids at the party. It was fun, but Jared said that he will never again be roped into cutting out 15 anything. Yeah, we cut those out. Bigger job thank I'd have expected. Oops. The museum gave each of the kids a little airplane too. I got the pattern from PepitosRoom on etsy.

Here are the thank you cards that were sent too all his friends. We requested that no one bring gifts, so we sent thank you cards to everyone who came. This time I made my own envelopes. They were pretty easy.

I did get my dad's photos from the party. There are some pretty cute ones! I won't bore you with another party post, but I'm really glad he brought his camera. I just didn't take anything worth while, and Jared didn't take any at all! Enjoy and hope you got some good ideas!

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