Friday, January 6, 2012

January 2nd

I've been having some technical difficulties downloading the pictures from my camera onto my laptop. After some work and diagnosing by Jared, I think we are back on track!

Here is a photo of the New Years bunting I mentioned before. Sadly, it only stayed up a couple of days. Now that it is made I can put it up just after Christmas and still have it up a while before I pack it away with the Christmas decorations! This year I plan to use those beautiful arches much more often. I'm hoping to have something up for at least part of every month. I just love them!

Here is one of my silly little boy. I can't believe how he is growing! He was wearing 2 of his dad's hats. I didn't get a very good pic of the other one, but it is a big floppy sun hat which in this photo is hanging behind his back.

My fantastic in-laws gave us a year membership to the flight museum not too far from the house. We have had a membership there before, but we were not planning to renew. I'm so glad they did this for us. The museum has made many great improvements since we were there last (almost a year ago), and Miles is older and interested in many other things now!

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