Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Projects

Jared is spending some time out of town in the next few months.  It isn't much, a few days here and there.  I'd like to have a few ideas for projects lined up so that this time can be productive.

Of course during the next out of town trip, I need to plan Miles' birthday party!

  • I need to go through my fabric and sewing accessories.
  • I need to go through my clothes in my closet and drawers.  I mean to be vicious about it too!
  • I'd like to re-do the pantry doors.
    I want to put some board on one door painted with chalkboard paint.
    I think I want some baskets on the other door for seasonings.
  • I think Miles and I can rewire the pachinco machine by ourselves.  I'm not sure though.
  • I'm going to sew a holder for the remote controls.  This will also protect the side of the sofa that the cats like to scratch.
  • I need to finish the trim in my bathroom.
  • I'm going to sew curtains for Nicholas' room and the back for his quilt.
  • This one I'm not as committed to, but I have a nativity set that I'd like to paint this year.
  • I just saw an organization system for under the bathroom counter that I'd like to implement.
Just a few ideas currently on my mind to accomplish soon.

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