Saturday, July 7, 2007

Oh my how June flew by!

Gracious! I can't believe I hardly posted all month. Well, I'm back and determined to do better. I may not have posted much, but I have still been reading a lot of blogs.

I got sick last week. I thought it was a sinus infection. I started with a sore throat on Friday. Friday night a friend came up from L.A. Saturday I was running a fever (I know, way to be a good hostess). Sunday Jared's brother came in town with his girl friend. They wanted to mess around in S.F. on Sunday then go to her dad's place in Marin. They came over first thing in the morning and we all went out to breakfast. Then we went to Fort Point and the Presidio. We went up to Coit tower, then out to lunch. After lunch they headed over to Marin, and we went home with our guest. She left later that evening. We had a very nice visit (I hope she enjoyed it too and didn't feel left out because Jared's brother was here). Monday Jared had to work from the house, so we stayed around here, but Tuesday we went to wine country with his brother and GF. That was fun. All this time I was sick. Wednesday we were both tired, but finally on Thursday Jared started to show symptoms. So I called the doctor and set up appointments for both of us. We all went in just to hear, "it's viral and there is nothing I can do." She prescribed an antibiotic for the ear infection I'm working on, but that's about it. I hate that. Miles has seemed fine, but now that it's Saturday he is starting to show symptoms too. He is asleep in my lap right now. He has a well-baby appointment next Friday.

Anyway, that is just this past week, but that is how the whole month went! I haven't even posted pictures since about the last time I posted here. I have to do better at that...which brings me (the long way) to my point. SMART Habit Saturday. It is hosted by The Lazy Organizer. She wants to break larger goals, like becoming a better wife, mother, and housekeeper into smaller, more attainable goals. This is great because you should have large goals, but how do you get there? The same way you eat an elephant! One bite at a time (if you wanted to eat an elephant that is, which I do not). So, I'm going to try working on one goal at a time, posting a new one each week and updating progress on the previous ones. I have so many areas in my life I need to work on, I hardly know where to start! I think I'll start with first thing in the morning...making the bed as soon as everyone is up. I love having a made bed. I look into the bedroom every time I walk by it, and having the bed made makes me feel so good. This will probably be a hard one because we are all sick this week, but it is the best place I can think of to start.

07/07/07 - Make bed as soon as everyone is up.

Well, I should run make it before I put Miles down for his morning nap :)
P.S. Don't worry, posting more often is another goal coming up soon!


Rebecca said...

Welcome to the group! I've found that it's a great place to find ideas, encouragement & accountability {to yourself more than anything}. Good luck with your first habit! It seems to be a popular one around here though I'm still a rebel with a messy bed.

Rebecca said...

Oh and I forgot to say that I think you were a pretty good hostess going out so much around San Francisco while not feeling well. I used to live in Northern California and miss it so much. I visited a couple weeks ago and we went to SF to hang out at the beach, eat at Polly Ann's and Bubba Gumps.

Michelle said...

Glad you hopped on board at SHS! Good luck this week with your very first goal! I love a good made bed too. :D

Slava Bogu said...

Welcome to SHS! It has been really helpful to me. Making my bed every morning is one of the habits I am working on also, and it just makes you feel so much better when you go to bed at night.

Good luck!