Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sleep trouble and the worst dream ever

So, we haven't been sleeping too well around here recently. I feel like I have no idea how to get Miles to sleep, and unless he just falls asleep he won't ever sleep again. This is not true, but I think he is changing his sleep patterns some. Each night I try the way that used to get him to sleep, and he will get sleepy then all of the sudden he gets his second wind. It is so aggravating! So, I will get him up, put him in his sling and bounce him on our yoga ball. Don't even ask how we figured out that will get him to sleep because I really have no idea. Fortunately, it does. So, each night I bounce with him on the ball for EVER, then either put him to bed (and go retrieve him to start all over again when he wakes) or hold him until I'm ready for bed. After I go to bed he sleeps pretty well most of the night waking once or twice. I've been reading Dr. Ferber's book that my sister sent. I appreciate the book and the thought. She says that it worked for her. We tried it yesterday for Miles' morning nap, and it was bad. He didn't sleep, he screamed. When I went in the third time to check on him, he kept screaming. I did leave when I was supposed to, and he kept screaming. It was terrible! Jared finally went in and picked him up. It took a while to get him settled again. After we settled him he slept for 2 or 3 hours. But by then it had bled over into when his afternoon nap should have been so we didn't know what to do. So, we go to bed last night. Usually Miles wakes up between 3 and 4 AM. Last night he woke a bit before 5 needing a diaper change. I was working on changing it, and he peed on me. After cleaning him, the bed, and me he couldn't get back to sleep. Jared had to go to a customer's site this morning so I said I would get up with him. I think Jared couldn't sleep either because he got up before the alarm went off. Well, at about 6 or a quarter after, Miles just fell asleep on my lap. I put him down and finished making breakfast. I was going to get him up at 7 (we are working on a schedule), but Jared said with him being sick we should let him sleep. I lay down next to him to try for a nap (I REALLY needed one yesterday, but couldn't get it). I did sleep, but that is when I had the terrible dream. Apparently Jared, Miles, and I were living at the house of a lady who used to go to my church. We were all lying in the bed, and Jared was GIVING BIRTH! He was sweet when it was born, holding him, sweeping out his mouth, and warming him etc. But, while I called the hospital to figure out that to do, he apparently put him in a small shopping bag. Anyway, the baby seemed fine when I woke up (it was a boy by the way, Jared didn't think to look right away in the dream). About the first thing I thought was "oh great, when will I ever sleep now?" Well, fortunately I woke up and only have one baby again. One sick, teething, but incredibly cute baby!

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