Saturday, August 11, 2007

S.M.A.R.T. Saturday

This week we are still working on sleep and the bed time routine. For me, it seems that this one is a hard one. For a few nights one thing will work, then he won't go to sleep that way. I need to just keep the initial bed time routine the same anyway. For me this seems to be a hard one so that is what we are working on again this week.

07/07/07 - Make bed as soon as everyone is up - Doing great! Now my husband will even do it if he is the last one up. It doesn't look like I made it, but at least the bed is covered and it looks better.
07/14/07 - Drink minimum of 64 oz. water per day - Doing well.
07/28/07 - Bed time routine for Miles
08/11/07 - Continue bed/nap time routine for Miles


Rebecca said...

Great job! Your SMARTness is even rubbing off on your hubby. Bed time routines are challenging but I think you are right to stick to the same routine, your son will adjust and it will work out. Good luck this week!

Christine Rockwell said...

Bed time routines are TOUGH! For me, by the time we get to the end of a LOOOONG day, I barely have the mental capacity to get MYSELF to bed, let alone follow a routine for the kids! That would be a great one for me to work on! GREAT job on getting hubs to make the bed! I have been making the bed everyday for MONTHS and he hasn't even noticed I don't think! Hope you have a good, and SMART, week!

Thea said...

Bedtime routines is a great habit. My husband does really well with my son, but I'm in charge of my daughter's and I struggle with it every night.

Good luck this week!

Amanda said...

oh great habits, I also need to start drinking more water. I used to drink tons but now I am so busy doing other things I jsut forget

toddler said...

I feel your pain!!! I am trying to "bed train" my one and three year the moment I sleep with one and my husband sleeps with the other (it changes all the time) Well we have decided NO MORE and we are in the mist of getting everyone in there own beds.........bedtimes are no easy right now but we are hoping for the pay off in a week or so......good luck to us both!

Robin@MyPursuitOf... said...

Our bedtime routine is good, the time we start it however... wavers all over the place.

Good habit for you and your son.

Have a great week!