Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I went out with a friend today. She has an eight and a half month old. They used the Ferber method too. She said that the third night was worse than the second. After that, she said, it was much better. Tonight he didn't seem tired for a good while. I put him down at almost 8:30. He was asleep by 8:40, and didn't spend enough of that time crying to go in and check on him. I thought all was good until 9:15 when he started crying again. This time it was real crying really hard. He just couldn't settle himself. After I checked on him, he was crying so hard I went in only about 2 minutes later. After I went in to settle him, I decided to give him some Tylenol. I didn't do this to make him sleepy (it doesn't seem to have this effect on him anyway), I did it because he was pulling on his ear and seemed uncomfortable. I gave him 1/2 a dose, and massaged and soothed him. I stayed in the bedroom for about 10 minutes, and for at least 2 of them he was asleep. He woke up just a bit after I left. I was worried about what me staying in the bedroom while he fell asleep did to my efforts. It seems not to have hurt them too badly. He was able to quiclky get himself back to sleep, and he woke up again just as I was getting ready for bed. He settled himself again after that. It is a bit after 11 now, and I'm hoping we don't have the 12-12:30 waking that we have had the last 2 nights. I hope it is gone, but if he is as uncomfortable as he was at 9:30 I'll probably bring him to bed and nurse him. I know I shouldn't, but I can't stand to see him in pain. If he doesn't wake up, I won't have to deal with it. Anyway, hopefully soon the sleep training will be over and I can start telling you about much more exciting moving home! I can still hardly believe it! Goodnight!

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