Sunday, January 6, 2008

Good Friends

I recently was chatting online with a friend who lives near our old home in Texas. She is looking forward to our return as much as we are I think. We have been friends for over 10 years, but not always great friends. I caught her online and asked about her new years resolutions. She said she didn't really make any. I told her that was good because I made one for her! I told her that when we move back "you and i are going to take a know some kind of fitness-ey thingey." She was so excited. Don't you just love good friends? Ones that will let you drag them into your crazy ideas? I went on to tell her that I thought ballet would be fun, but we had to fund a studio that had adult classes for the coordinated impaired. I took an adult ballet class here in San Francisco before I got pregnant and I told her a bit about it. She is ready to go! I was thinking though that maybe swimming is the way to go. There is a high school between us that has a natatorium and swim teams.

Anyway, other updated on things I was talking about on my goals post...
~I'd also like to make more of my Christmas gifts in 2008. I made reading pillows this year for a couple of people, we did family portraits for our parents/grandparents, and I made biscotti as stocking stuffers. I'd like to make a lot more this year.
~I didn't find the fabric I was looking for at the store the other day. Bummer.
~I think I'm going to follow the Bible study on Engage the Journey '08.
~Jared worked 2 days this week and I only sent the one picture, but he seemed to enjoy the picture of the day. I'm going to have to keep that up.
~Smart Habit Saturday has returned! Yay! I'll be participating, but possibly not until after the move.
~Jared is working on Miles' website now. Yay again!
~Last item, I was talking about home improvements, I can't stop thinking about it. I have measured all the furniture we have here, and saved it online so I can access it before my computer is delivered (I don't have a laptop). I have also drawn out what I think our front room looks like on graph paper and started working on furniture placement. Man, I can't wait. The bad thing is when we move back we have decided to have the movers place basically all of the boxes in that room because we will be doing the floors in the bedrooms and office. That means we have to finish the floors, and unpack those rooms before I can even start really designing that room. Also, we want to redo the floors in there, but we are going to wait a bit (you know, financial strain release time). Oh well, for now I dream. I'll be back first so I want to measure the rooms and draw them all out on graph paper. Maybe I'll post what I come up with.

Wish me luck. First we have to move back and get our things from the moving company!

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