Friday, January 4, 2008

What a Night!

Wow! We put him in his crib at 10:50 last night and he cried. And he cried. And he cried. At 11:28 he was quiet and we let him be for 10 minutes. He didn't make any noise. At that point we assumed he was asleep and went in to go to bed. Well, he was apparently just taking a break from the crying. He started crying again before I got into bed and it was crying right away. It wasn't like he had to wake up first. So, we left again. This time he was quiet just after midnight and we waited until 12:30 to go in. He was finally asleep and we were able to go to bed too (although Jared kept trying to talk to me). Then at 3:45 he woke up fussing again. I have always brought him in bed when he wakes up around 4 to nurse and cuddle, so I brought him into bed. I didn't really get to sleep before he rain storm hit. I knew we were supposed to get a bad storm, but this has been more than I was expecting. Last night it was so windy that it blew the cover of the back stairs open. Then off the hinges. Then right off the house! That was really loud as you can imagine, and I didn't get back to sleep any time soon! Miles and Jared seemed to sleep well though.

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