Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008

Today is the second day in 2008. So far so good! :) We are finally on track to move back home! It is looking like the big day will be February 4, which will put us there in just enough time to celebrate Miles' birthday at home with grandparents et all. We are so excited. We have already given the lady renting our home there notice. We will be giving our management company here notice this week. The movers have been here to inspect the things they will move, and we need to get the specialty company out. When we moved in, they could not get the safe or the china cabinet up the stairs. They had to get a specialty company out to hoist them up and bring them in through the dining room window! The moving coordinator needs to schedule them to come out and survey and move those items and we will be good to go!

What an exciting year we have in store. We'll be moving back home, we'll be around family and friends. We are planning some remodeling of our home there before we get all settled in. Hopefully we will be helping my parents with a bit of a remodel of their own. I'm looking into a couple of things to get involved in when we return. I hope to take a dance class of some sort with a friend. That will be a great way to stay in touch with her, stay in shape, and get out of the house every week. I'm also hoping to become involved in a sewing group. I think I have found a neat place not far from the house to do that.

Here is a brief year in review of photos. Actually it is just one photo from each month.













Nap time is over. Gotta go!

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