Monday, February 4, 2008

Here we are!

We have arrived in Texas, and it is 80 degrees. In February. Why are we here again? Miles has been super fussy and not sleeping too well. When I get him to sleep, the only way I can keep him asleep is to co-sleep. So, I have been going to bed early and just dealing with it. If I leave him he kinda crawls around in his sleep and if I put him in the crib he wakes up and cries. I may try the crib thing again tonight. I brought his bedding with us from home so it should smell and feel more or less the same.

My parents are in the middle of remodeling, so this place is anything but baby proof. I really don't feel like I can leave Miles alone at all. I'm used to being able to engage him in something and at least go to the bathroom by myself. Not here! Oh well.

I went to our house yesterday! Yay! I got the key from my father-in-law on Saturday, and went over there a little before noon to take a look around and get started cleaning. I tried the key in the door and.....nothing. Grr! Then I walked across the front to one side and smelled cigarette smoke. Outside. I looked down and the front of the house had a lot of cigarette butts. Oh, I was not happy. If the outside smelled like that, what was the indise going to be? I walked to the other side, and what greets me? My renter's dogs! Hi! What are you doing here? You were supposed to be gone yesterday! So, I called the renter and had to leave a message. I called my father-in-law to be sure that I had the right key, but he was still at church. Well, that was a wasted trip. But before I got too far the renter called and said that they left at 4 am and someone needed to take the dogs back to Waco but it was too late then. She also metioned that a truck was in the garage because it had some of her stuff in the bed and they didn't want to park it in the lot at the hotel. She met me at the house, and gave me the key and a garage door remote. I told her the stuff was no problem. I would go eat lunch, and she could get what she needed out. I wandered around the house for a second and was overwhelmed by what needed to be done! I left for some lunch and when I returned she was removing the last of her stuff, and I felt better about the place. I didn't get much done yesterday, but she had dome a pretty good job of just cleaning. There is a lot to do, and speaking of, I should get over there and get started!

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