Monday, February 4, 2008

No more carpets!

My mother-in-law and I ripped out all of the carpet and tack strips in my house today while my sister-in-law watched Miles! Yay! No more carpets! We bought this house just before we were married in 2001. At that time the whole house was carpet or laminate. We removed all of the carpeting except in the 3 bedrooms and tiled, and tiled, and tiled. Jared got tired of laying tile so I painted the floor in what was supposed to be the formal dining room. So then we had tiled living areas and kitchen, painted front room (which we used as a game room) and carpeted bedrooms. We had to replace the carpeting in the master and knew at that time that we eventually wanted to remove the bedroom carpets and do something else. The time is now! We are going to put wood floors in the bedrooms and the formal dining room/game room which will now be a "family activity room." Woot!

Sorry I have no pictures for you. I left the digital camera with Jared in San Francisco because it was too much to have to juggle on the plane. My parents said that I could use theirs, but I forgot to ask until they were at work already. Hopefully I'll get it tonight.

Jared is having a rough day. The packers were supposed to show up this morning at 9. I called him at 10.30 and he hadn't heard from them. He was going to call in another half an hour. I encouraged him to go ahead and call, and I'm glad I did. Another half an hour later and I got a call from one of the three coordinators saying that she had tried Jared and left a message. She said that our packers were rescheduled. They just didn't bother to, you know, CALL US!!!!! Grrrr! So, they will do all of the packing tomorrow instead of today and tomorrow and will still load on Wednesday. The really bad thing about it is that they were going to begin loading on Tuesday so that it didn't take all day on Wednesday. Now it will be all day on Wednesday and they won't get started driving this way until Thursday. Blah! I hoped that he would be back earlier on Friday than it now looks like.

Hope to have some good news to talk about tomorrow!

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