Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beware the Tax Man cometh

Ours are done, and I hope yours are too!

We went to my grandmother's house again this weekend. She loves spending time with Miles which is great to see. Usually weekends at her place are a quiet affair. We lounge around, read a lot, nap sometimes, and do some of her yard work so that she doesn't have to do it all. This time it was hectic. Jared and I had a class that we were attending near her place with a friend. My grandmother graciously invited the friend to stay with us this weekend too. My parents came as usual and watched Miles during the one day class. We drove out on Friday night later than we wanted to. We had to put Miles down at the house then move him, but he was sleeping poorly and took a while to go back to sleep in the car. Anyway, we arrived, had a good class (all three of us passed the two tests during the day), and we drove back on Sunday after visiting my other Grandmother who is also in the area.

One exciting thing is that Miles walked a lot more. Two weeks ago when we were there he took a few tenative steps and had no interest after returning home. This time he was taking 15 or 20 in a row and had walked a bit after coming home too!

My plants are doing well and a few blooms from the tomato plants have fallen off and tiny tomatoes have replaced them! It is exciting. My irises are blooming beautifully too! I'll have to get a photo of them.

Well, nap time is almost over. I should begin on some of the massive amounts of cleaning that I had planned on completing.

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