Sunday, July 13, 2008

So much to do!

There is so much that I want to do, but I'm desperately wanting to take it a bit easy this week. Miles has basically given up napping *shudders* and I want to try to reverse that too.

We have been non-stop entertaining since Thursday. Seriously, People will come over, visit, and leave in just enough time for me to pick up and get ready for more people! It has been like this for a couple of weekends too. Phew! It's enough to make a girl a bit tired! At least Miles slept in this morning. Jared wants to do nothing next weekend, but it is a weekend that my parents drive the two hours south to visit my two remaining grandparents. We haven't been in a while and I kinda want to go too.

The good news is that because we have had so much company the house is relatively clean.

I think Monday morning will be devoted to trying to completely exhaust Miles to the point that he crashes hard for his afternoon nap.

I have piles and piles of laundry.

I want to clean out the pantry. When we moved in I had it organized well. Each shelf was designated for different uses (baking things on one shelf, large appliances on another). It no longer looks that way.

Along the same lines as the pantry, I'd like to reorganize the kitchen cabinets. Reorganize might be too strong of a word. They are basically organized, but need to be cleaned up a bit. I probably should put fresh shelf paper in etc.

Last week I cleaned the blinds in two of the three front rooms. I need to clean the blinds in the other front room and the bedrooms.

The baseboards need to be scrubbed in the front room. The bedrooms don't have baseboards...we installed wood flooring in them recently and that is the last step.

Something is due to the library on Tuesday and I have two books on hold there too. Story time for preschoolers is Tuesday morning too, so we'll probably go then.

I bought the materials for a new way to organize my earrings. I think I'll put that together tonight.

I want to get the photo software installed on the laptop so that my posts will be a bit less boring!

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Honey Mommy said...

After you get all that done, you can come clean the blinds and scrub the baseboards in my house!!