Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's July alread!

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I've updated my blog. They have been a busy two months. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that Miles got sick, the cat got sick, the cat had surgery, the in-laws had to put their dog down (very sad), they got a new dog, I got a job, I started working, I got a new laptop (yay me!), and we have had people over ALL THE TIME!

So, I got a new laptop (as I just said). I'm so excited. I've never had a laptop before. Jared has had one for work for years and had owned one or two before that. He's always been generous about letting me use them all I want even to the point of not taking his to work when he didn't need it after I started staying home with Miles. I have a really nice Mac Book Pro. Jared keeps hinting around that he likes mine better than his. In all fairness, his is one that work provided, it is at the end of it's hardware life cycle, and has been nothing but trouble. Hopefully he will like the new one he gets in a couple of months. If not we may end up getting another Mac Book after that at some point.

A big part of the reason for getting an apple laptop is because of photo storage and use. We got our first Mac (a desktop) about the time we got our first nice camera. The photo software available is amazing. Anyway, I'll be putting our photo storage/light processing software on my laptop so it'll be easy to post pictures. Both here and on our website. I have updated our photo website more often than the blog but not much.

I also said that I got a job. I'm pretty excited about that one. Before we moved to San Francisco I worked for a CPA. He had several small companies that had hired him to do their books. I would go in to several of them, do A/P, A/R, payroll, and run reports. He would go in once a month or so and discuss long term planning, reaching goals, taxes etc with the owners. I was very much on my own and my own time manager. I loved it! This was after several years at another small company with a horrible boss. It was so nice to have that flexibility. Sadly I didn't get to work for him for long. We had talked about me going to work for him, then it became a possibility that we would move to California. I let him know that I'd love to work for him but didn't want his clients to have to get used to me then switch within six or so months to someone else. He agreed and I stayed at the company with the terrible boss. After a couple of months it became apparent that Jared didn't get the job he was looking for in CA. I called up the CPA and let him know. He was excited and hired me right away. After a few months something else came up with Jared's work and he had a different interview in California. We let the CPA know as soon as possible that we would be moving. I was sad because that was the best job I'd ever had, he was disappointed because I was stable and reliable. He understood the reasons for our move. Also, we told him that we had every intention of moving back after a year or so in California. We have always wanted to start a family of our own, and we knew we would want to be near our family to do that. I stayed in touch with the CPA while we were gone and about 4 months before we moved back he called asking when we were coming back! I had let him know once that I could do some work for him but that I wanted to only do things from the house. He said that he had some stuff that I could help him out with but that he'd have to think about how it would work. He is very busy and a little absentminded. After a few weeks I called him back. He knew that I had been taking classes in CA toward an accounting degree. I told him that I was ready to do something from the house, either work for him or continue with school. The classes run about three months and I have to sign up a month in advance, so if he had anything he needed help with I'd have to know 4-5 months ahead of time. This was just the motivation he needed, because he asked me to meet him in his office the following Monday! I'm excited to be working a bit again and have something flexible and on my terms. At some point I could see going out to some customer sites, but for now I'm happy!

Wow, this is long winded, boring, and there are no pictures. Sorry! I'll have to get that software loaded and make future posts better and more frequent!

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