Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HGP is on hold I guess

Well this week I have gotten nothing done toward organizing the bedroom or bathroom. I've been trying to find something for Miles to wear to the mysterious wedding. I say mysterious because I know nothing about it. I know that we are leaving on Friday to go to Mexico. I know that we are staying at the same hotel as the wedding party. I know the wedding is on Saturday (right at bed time for the boy). I also know that the bride and groom hired vans to take the guests to the wedding (so we won't be able to retreat at any time). Lastly I know that he'll sleep at least an hour during the weekend, so we'll be just GREAT!!

The main thing that I don't know is if the wedding is inside or outside!! Is it on the beach? What do you wear to a wedding on the beach? What do you have your toddler wear to a wedding on the beach? The only shoes that Miles has right now are a pair of sandals and a bright blue pair of crocs. Today I bought him the cutest pair of boots. I got him a nice pair of slacks too. Now I need to find him a shirt to go with them, and he'll be fine. I have more clothes than I can shake a stick at, so I know I have something to wear (I just have to figure out what it is). Hmm, and something for Jared too. Should be no problem?

One more thing I know is that there are lots of kiddos in the grooms family and he is absolutely in love with all children. I know that it will all work out!

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