Monday, September 22, 2008


As part of the HGP, I decided to undertake my spice cabinet. Whewh! It needed it, and still isn't perfect, but at least there is improvement. How many spices are too many? How do you keep them organized? How do you keep from buying spices that you already have, but can't find? In San Francisco, our pantry had a perfect little spice cabinet built into the door (I'll have to look and see if I have pics). I'd like to have that here too, but it would mean rebuilding the door to the pantry and for now that is not an option. I decided to put them all in matching bottles, get lazy susans for the cabinet and try that.
It seems to be working pretty well for now. I'm sure that I will not keep this solution forever, but it is ok. I may try one of the can riser solutions for one of the cabinets and see how that works.

Here are the spices (this is after I put a bunch aside to give away).

Here is the cabinet on the left of the stove. The bottom shelf has regular cooking spices. The middle shelf is for hot teas and my tea pot. The top shelf holds the tea that I use for iced tea (I have a stockpile because I couldn't find it in bulk in San Francisco so I bought a bunch).

Here is the cabinet on the right side of the stove. Again the bottom has spices, this time more baking style. The next shelf has coffee and the coffee pot; we have an electric water kettle and it is just below this cabinet. The top is for extra spices that don't fit in the bottles but I don't want to pitch. Extra pasta seasoning, more salt, and peppercorns, etc.

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