Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How anticipated you are

I hate resolutions, but this time of year always seems to have me thinking about whats going on in my life and areas of improvement. Jared and I are in the midst of going over our expenditures for 2007. I wouldn't say that we like to do this, but we do it basically every year. We really don't budget in the traditional sense, but we review our finances and see what areas need work. This year there are 3.
1)Mid year we put ourselves on an alcohol budget and that worked out very well. We'll continue that into 2009.
2)We have been meal planning, but I still need to improve that. I try, but I tend to plan too many meals. This causes wasted food. I think for now in our family 3 is about the right number of meals. This will probably change seasonally as things we make in the summer tend to have no or very little leftovers. I also need to inventory the freezer and use that more efficiently.
3)Eating out. This can easily get out of hand. We don't tend to eat out a lot but the fast food thing can go crazy. We'll be out around meal time and it's "do we go home and make something or just grab a bite out?" Guess which one sounds easier? Well, it shouldn't be. We almost always have fruit at the house. I hope to get better at deciding to go home, and eat a piece of fruit while making sandwiches or whatever lunch I decide to make. Jared keeps a jar of peanut butter and one of nutella at his desk at work and only needs to remember to take bread and ask for more of either when he runs out. He said that he'd try harder to do that too.

1) As for me, I'd like to be more fit this year. I hope, in large part to achieve this by biking this summer. We got a bike trailer for Miles a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping this works out well for biking to the library and such.
2) I'd also like to keep the house cleaner and more organized. I don't have plans no how to achieve this yet, but I'll get there!
3) Lastly, I've really got to stop biting my nails! It's getting worse, and also irritating. I've always bitten them, for as long as I can remember.

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