Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Year

Last year I set several goals for myself. Most of which I wasn't able to complete. I'll work harder this coming year.

Sew More...
Finish Miles' Baby Blanket
I made only a little progress on this, sadly it still isn't finished
Make Madison & Miles stockings
Nope, I don't even have the fabric from my mother
Make a Table Runner
Nope, haven't started this either
Bag from Bend the Rules Sewing
Nope, I did get the book for Christmas though! Yay me!

I haven't been working out regularly, but do get on regular work out jags! I hope to get a lot of exercise this summer on the bike.

Home Improvements
We have completed the flooring in the three bedrooms. Hope to do the game room this year.
We had a little garden this year but it was in pots. Before spring I'd like to get the beds done.
The grass is in much better shape but still needs work (as I'm sure it will for a while).

Personal Improvement

Daily Bible Study
I did very well with this for the first few months, then stopped. I've just picked the habit back up. I also got a lot of my family involved so we can hold each other accountable.
I didn't really participate much this year, and it is no longer being held.
Miles' website
I did this regularly this year. Yay me! I've just updated with lots and lots of Christmas pictures.
Take a picture a day
I took lots of pictures this year, but not daily. I'm ok with where I am on this though.

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