Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When my sister came in town, we took her to Ice!. It was super fun. They have hand carved ice sculptures which they keep frozen (and environmentally friendly) by cooling 14,000 square feet to a tepid 9degrees!

Here is Miles playing on a little train while we purchase tickets.

Here we are ready to go in to the exhibit. They loan you these huge coats to keep "warm."
Miles refused to put one on, but I took it anyway. I was hoping that once we were in he would acquiesce. He did but he wasn't too happy about it at first.

Here we are sitting on frozen Santa's lap. Miles was loving it!

These are cool ice trees with lights frozen inside them. Very neat!

There were a ton of cool sculptures but I won't bore you with pics of ice...

Here are a few from after.

We had a blast (ticket price was still steep though)! Grapevine has a ton of stuff both during the season and all year long!

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