Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Merry Christmas?

We had a fabulous Christmas. Christmas eve is Jared's Mother's birthday. She said that she'd like to have brunch. Jared and I couldn't see paying $20 a head to eat a breakfast that we could make better ourselves. Instead Jared invited everyone over for brunch at our house. I guess at the time he wasn't thinking about our plans for Christmas morning...when we planned to have everyone over...for brunch. Ahem, yeah.

So, we planned two slightly different brunch menus and had 10 people over first thing in the morning two days in a row. Then, as soon as we finished the second brunch we loaded up in the car and drove a couple of hours south to visit more family. Anyway, a couple of days later we headed home and tried to put the house back together.

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