Monday, January 19, 2009

Knock, knock...Will you be my firend?

I can hardly believe what I just did. I'm not a painfully shy person, but I'm also not really outgoing. This summer I joined a playgroup that was set up for people in the neighborhood with kids. For a lot of reasons it didn't really get off the ground. When I went, I met a lady who lives down the street from me and has a little girl that is about six months older than Miles. At the time she was pregnant, but not very far along. We said that we would have to get the kids together to play, but never exchanged numbers. On the day before Thanksgiving we had both Jared's and my families over for a chili dinner because we wouldn't be doing a real Thanksgiving with Jared's parents. That evening we walked Jared's brother out to his car to get something and saw the lady from down the street with her husband and daughter going on a walk. She remembered me and we chatted for a while. I told her that I'd send her an email with some information about story time at our local library. I looked up her email address from the play group and figured out that she was either due within a week or was past due to have her baby. I sent the email but didn't hear back from her. Last week Jared told me that he had to go out of town for a week for work. I decided then that I needed to get back in touch with her. I wouldn't mind watching both of the older kids while she takes care of the baby, as long as I have another adult to talk to. Anyway, it was cold all week last week and I never went over there. I decided that today would be the day. I put a sweater on Miles, loaded him up in the stroller, and went over. A man answered the door, I don't think he was her husband, but he was holding the baby. I introduced myself and he said she was in the shower. I told why I was there and he offered to give me her number. I told him I had brought a note to leave incase no one was there and gave it to him.

I hope to hear from her. More than that I pray that everyone in her family is ok. Yesterday when Jared and I were leaving for church we saw an ambulance in front of her house. Again in the evening Jared was pulling his car around to the driveway and said he saw another ambulance there. I didn't say anything about having seen them to the man that answered the door and planned on not saying anything to her either. It would be too strange not really knowing her. I really hope and pray that everyone is ok. Also that if she needs someone to lean on, she'll call and I that I can provide what she needs.

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