Monday, January 12, 2009

Weight Loss Goal

I need help here. This will take much prayer and work. I'm about 15 lbs higher than pre-pregnancy, and 20lbs higher than I'd like to be. I have got to get rid of this and soon! I've been eating very poorly and not exercising enough. I've been using Miles as an excuse. NO MORE! goes:
*weekly weigh in
*salad for lunch (when possible)
*snack smart (I have them around for Miles, need to be careful)
*eat an apple when Jared calls to say that he is on his way home.
I've read that the fiber in apples can help create a full feeling, so eating one 30 min before a meal will cause you to eat less.
*I also need to set up a work out plan. I'm not sure what to do because it's winter, but I already know what I'm doing this summer. I'll keep working on something for now.

Wish me luck! I'm already working on committing to the Bible study, I can use this to help me commit to prayer.

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