Monday, February 16, 2009

Another day another doctor's appointment

I think we are on the downhill slide of this illness. Miles has had a fever every day for 5 days, and I took him to the doctor twice. Does that make me one of "those" moms? Yeoch! I hope not. Anyway, the weekend was not pretty. We did have his party on Saturday, but there was not much partying to it. It was just family and we built the play structure. I did get the card reader and I'll post pictures soon, but I broke my camera. Right now Miles has only been down for about 45 minutes and he's already up crying. He was more sick this weekend and was having copious amounts of mucus secretions through his eyes! Come on now, who's hungry? He has pink eye, but the doctor said that is basically just irritation of the eye and can even be caused by an allergy. Anyway, this is basically a cold or something viral, and we are getting better. I can't wait. He thinks two or three days should do it.

Anyway, I'm going to go lay down with him (the only way to get him a decent night's sleep when he's sick) and spend my minimal sleep time dreaming of when he's better and sleeping through the night again (and I have my camera back)!

Ahh, sweet dreams dear blog land!

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