Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday and missing card reader

So, Miles' birthday was yesterday. I have a bit of mixed feelings. I'm happy, but my little guy is growing up. I would have what I hope are some good pictures, but Jared's brother borrowed our card reader last week "for a day" and I haven't seen it since. I'd like to say that is why I haven't had many pics recently, but really I suck at taking pictures every day (or really frequently) but I'm working on it.

Instead of having a very photo heavy post, I'll just tell you about his birthday. On Monday I finally got confirmation that my grandmother was coming to town this week and would be here for the party we are throwing Miles on Saturday. She's staying with my parents, but they both work during the day. I had to go to the grocery store and get a couple of things for the party. Miles and I went up to pick her up so we could run errands together. It wasn't very exciting, but there you go.

As part of the errands on Monday, I got a Coffee Cake (which Miles loves). So, on Tuesday (his actual birthday) we started the day with oatmeal and coffee cake. Jared had to go to work which was fine. He's trying to get Friday off or at least work from home to help prep for the party so it was no big deal. Knowing that Jared would be going to work, I wanted to do something to make the day special. Our playgroup was throwing a Valentine's Day party. We went up to my parent's house again to pick up my grandmother and took her with us to the party held at the recreation center. I think she had fun just watching her great-grandson run around and play with all the other kids. They had a little craft for the kids and a "heart healthy" snack first. Then in the gymnasium they had a bounce house, a slide, they pulled out a bunch of bouncy balls, basket balls and soccer balls, a couple of scooters, and some tumbling mats. It was super fun! Miles really had a great time. He got a little over stimulated at the end and when my grandmother, Miles and I came home, he refused to eat and tried to scream through his nap. I don't usually do this, but knowing how tired he must be, I went into his room and held him and swayed with him until he fell asleep. He only slept for an hour, but I'll take it!

While Miles was asleep, I called my parents, told them that I had brought my grandmother to my house, and invited them over for dinner. We are having a heavy dessert on Saturday for the party so I asked mom to bring something light like berries and angel food cake. She did, and we had pasta with veggies etc (it was on the meal plan before I invited them) and some veggie bread I made. It was pretty good, and we all had fun. My sisters had sent Miles a present, and Jared and I had gotten something for him too. We told everyone that they shouldn't bring gifts on Saturday, so we had him open the few things after dinner. I hope we got some cute pictures!

Anyway, today I didn't go see my grandmother. I probably should have, but the playgroup had a meeting with a guest speaker that I really wanted to hear. So, we went to that this morning, had another rough nap, and watched one of his new videos in the afternoon.

Thursday we are getting wood delivered for the play structure so we'll be home at least until that comes. Friday we hope that Jared will have a light day, and be home all day but we'll see. We all have haircuts in the morning and he'll at least be able to make that (we all REALLY need it). After that we'll be getting ready for everyone to descend on our house the next morning. And to top it all off, Jared wants to take a bike ride almost twice as long as we usually take on Saturday before everyone shows up. At least he plans to have my mother and grandmother watch Miles so we don't have to pull him in his trailer.

Sorry for no pics. I'll try to get the card reader back on Saturday.

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