Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy making a book

I thought last week while Jared was gone that it would be fun to put together a photo book of Miles' first two years and have it at the little party we are throwing for him this Saturday. I was both right and wrong. It's fun to put it together, but also a pain! I should have done more research before I started, but I assumed they were all basically the same. I started with I think I switched because I was irritated that I couldn't order the uploaded pictures by date (in their defense the pics were exported from another program and no book program got it right) so I started looking at other sights and found a book cheaper at I had trouble getting the picture in the right order here so it took some time to make a photo book. After Jared got home I finished up the book and went to show him. I was pretty disappointed that by the time I got done it had so many pages it was over $40. Jared gave me a place to look for reviews (a private message board he uses with very picky photographers). After looking through I found I think their book layouts are much more artistic. Their binding is also more "bookish" in that they have a hardcover that they can print pictures directly on or create a dust jacket (cheaper). has software that you install in order to create the book then upload it to their site. The software is a little cumbersome, but I think it'll make a great book. I had problems with it crashing for a while but I think that was on my end.

I had hoped to have the book at the party and even considered presenting a copy to my mother and mother in law (and probably my grandmother who will also be there). Sadly because it has taken so long start to finish, I will not be able to receive the book in time. I think what I'm going to do is order a bunch of prints locally and have those at the party. Then after it's over I'll add a page or two with pics from his actual birthday and the party and order the book after. There is no discount on for ordering more than on book (discounts start at 10) so I may order one and wait for any additional. All in all I think I'm happier that the book will eventually have pictures of his birthday in it so that it will be a complete two years in review (more or less). Anyway, I'll post pics when it's done and here! I can't wait!

Oh, about the cost, they GROW on you! I think all the books with the length it will take to get the two years in there will be $40+.

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