Thursday, February 26, 2009

Game Room Done!

Miles playing in the Den with the trains he got for his birthday.

I'm so excited. I've finished spring cleaning the Game Room (also my sewing room). I pulled all the furniture out from the wall and scrubbed the baseboards,then rearranged everything. It looks so much better. We still have to get rid of a really heavy desk, but before that can go, we need to buy a new microwave. When we moved back to this house the lady who had been renting it didn't bother to tell us that the above the stove microwave was going out. We kept the little microwave we'd had in San Francisco, and put it on the desk we needed to get rid of in the game room. Now we need to replace the vent-a-hood microwave and get rid of the desk.

Next week is the kitchen. I'm really excited about this too. I want to order pull out drawers for at least one of the shelves in the pantry. That will be the shelf for my baking goods. I'll just end up adding that to the list of to do and to buy things I have from all of the rooms for now, but it will be near the top!

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