Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring and Spring Cleaning

Well, I think we are reasonable safe to be around now! Jared and I are all feeling pretty well. We both still have ear infections, and an almost constant ringing. Nicholas seems to be doing well. He was still coughing this morning, quiet all day, then a little coughing this evening. I'm still thinking about skipping playgroup tomorrow to be in the safe side.

Enough about my health, or lack thereof. I've started spring cleaning today! I love spring. I'm using the Grand Plan Challenge. I'm altering it a bit for my home. I figured that since I had to change the dates, I would change the order of the rooms too. I'm starting in the game room. That means beginning with both Miles' toys and my sewing machine and fabric stash. I haven't really ever really culled through Miles' toys. I've donated a thing or two, but that's about it. This time I'm trying to take a discerning eye to the items he has. Does he play with them? Are they age appropriate? Will this toy grow with him? I'm only saving a thing to two "in case" we have another. Just a couple of things that I don't want to have to buy again or were unique. It's a fun exercise.

I was going to wait to go through my fabric stash until tomorrow or Wednesday, but I accidentally spilled an entire cup of coffee on it today! Oops! I washed everything, and it all came clean. I'm horrified by how many projects I have most everything for, and just need to sew. I think tomorrow I'll really get down and dirty with this. My mom is going through hers now too. I imagine we'll have quite the get rid of pile when we are done.

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Holly said...

WOW!! I am so impressed!!

Thank you so much for your helpful comment on my blog. My presser foot is coming right off of my 'Singer' and going to the sewing store with me. I really appreciate the help! :) -Holly