Thursday, February 5, 2009

Three down, One to go!

Ok, it's actually lunch time on the final day, but I didn't get a post done yesterday. It went well yesterday though. In the morning we went to pick up Miles' Aunt Jessica and took her with us. We went to an indoor play place that has several of the inflatable bounce houses. Miles had fun. He always takes a while to warm up to new places, but once he did he had fun. After that we dropped Jessica off and went home for lunch and a nap.

Jared's brother came over to pick up something about 5 minutes after I got Miles down. He never fell asleep. Grr. Then, his brother had a friend meet him here, and I think Miles heard the noise and wanted out. He started screaming. Blah. I ended up getting him up and deciding to try again after they left. They were here about an hour, and we tried again. He never fell asleep the second time either. Blah.

Anyway, in the evening, Jared's mother invited us over for dinner. On our way out of the neighborhood we ran into the neighbor that I was trying to get in touch with a couple of weeks ago! She apologized for not emailing earlier. We had a nice little chat. I hope that we do end up getting together some time soon. Dinner went great and we visited and came home for bed time. That's it! Pics tomorrow.

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