Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two days down, two to go

Well, we have a return date. He'll be back late Thursday night. I have to figure out what I'm going to do. It is far enough after Miles' bedtime that I want to put him down in his crib normally. But then I have to get him up, take him to the airport, drive him home, and put him back in bed? He's been sleeping terribly for several days. I hate to do that to him. Jared's flight isn't too late. I may see if my parents or his parents would pick him up. We'll see what the next couple of days bring for his sleep.

Today went ok. I heard about a playgroup that meets at the rec center near our house. It is supposed to be for preschool only, they close off the gym, throw out some tumbling mats and balls and let the kids go at it. It sounded like fun but when I called to get the time, I was told that it started some time after 9. When I pressed for...you know, a time you could find on a clock, I was told 10:30. Well, yes, 10:30 is after 9, so you have to give him that.

Anyway, we took our chances and showed up. I peeked into the gym and didn't see anyone. I asked at the desk and they said, yes, the playgroup is now and there is one mother and kid in there. Great! We go in and I start playing with Miles and the basketballs and two other mothers and kids show up. I never got the scoop, but I think that the first mom and one of the ones who showed up right after me are usually the only ones there. Their kids were a little older (3 and 3.5) but not terribly rough. The mom's knew each other well so I didn't talk to them much. The other mother had the only girl and she seemed nice, but the girl was timid and didn't really want to play with the other kids.

After playgroup we had lunch with my mom which was great. My parents are good with Miles too and really love him. After lunch we just headed home for nap and regular afternoon activities. Nap time didn't go so well, so the afternoon was cranky. All in all, it wasn't as bad as I would have expected after an hour and a half of crying in the middle of the night and about 20 min of nap. :) I can't wait until Jared gets home. Here's to hoping that the sleep issues are caused by daddy being gone.

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