Friday, March 20, 2009

Miles on St. Patrick's Day at playground

I've had no real progress on the spring cleaning this week or last. Breaking the house up into a room a week makes it a very long chore. Next week is to be the front porch and front garden. If it were not for the garden out front I wouldn't have made the porch a week. My front garden is a mess! I can't wait to get it in shape, but it is going to be a LOT of work. I'll post pictures for before next week before I start. The real issue with this is when my house was built someone decided it would be a good idea to plant crape myrtles as a bush right near the foundation of the house. Yeah, I have a tree growing right next to my house. Several actually. They need to go.

Miles playing in puddle in front of Nana & Grandpa's house

This week has been really hectic. Monday I helped my MIL go through an Aunt's things. They needed financial proof of expenses to get her into a bed at a retirement home. Tuesday was St. Patrick's day and Miles' playgroup had a picnic at the arbouretum. Apparently it's also spring break. The line of cars to get in was crazy and when we finally got there, the parking lot was full and we were late. We opted for a park, but our favorite was full. Kids everywhere, every picnic table was taken. I thought if all the school kids were at the arboretum or our park there should be no one at the school. We had our picnic there. It was very nice and quite with a great playground.

Nana, Grandpa, & Aunt Jessica playing with Miles

Wednesday a new grocery store was to open. It was not overly close to my house, but I was interested. They are a competitor of Whole Foods and are supposed to be cheaper. My MIL was going to go, and I found a mediterranian restaurant not far from there. We made a nice afternoon of it. I left Miles with his grandfather and Aunt and my MIL and I went to the store and restaurant. Miles had so much fun!

Thursday we stayed home and played. He still took nap and was very exhausted. Thats really all I remember, I was so tired.

Miles sleeping off the excitement on the way home
(all his clothes were wet and he put the jacket on)

Today was pretty good. Miles played independantly very well this morning and I got a ton of work done. I'm all caught up on laundry (it's even almost all put away)! Around 11 he was ready to leave the house for a while. I had ordered new drip pans for the stove top and some things for the garden and they were in so we went to pick them up. I made a wrong turn but saw a sign for an estate sale so we went there. I found a cute pair of boots, then we went to get the drip pans and garden stuff.

This weekend is shaping up to be crazy. Hopefully I'll get to take lots of pictures though! Hope you have a great weekend!

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