Monday, March 30, 2009

I signed up for a quilting class today. When does it start? Oh, I do things in advance. I have a ton of time to pick fabrics. It doesn't start until tonight! :) My sash-ing is blue and I have corner squares of yellow. Here is my main background fabric.

Jared has started to get involved in more and more "extra-curricular" activities. Things where I have to watch Miles on the weekend or later on weekdays than normal. I don't mind too much, but I want some "me time" too. A quilting class is probably not my ultimate idea in luxurious time wasting activities, but I have been interested. The two main reasons I picked this class are that the shop is very close to the house, and it is a very low cost for what you get.

This weekend we went to my grandmother's house. For Christmas we gave her new linoleum tile for her kitchen and told her that we would replace it for her. The house she is in is the only home I remember her and my grandfather living in, and this tile has never been replaced. It was not in bad condition. We went this weekend and scraped it off the floor. It was hard, and we didn't get much help from my parents for a couple of reasons (understandable, but that didn't make the job easier for us). After we finished we realized that we would not be able to replace the tile on this trip. We needed some tools and supplies that we didn't have. Also it had taken longer to remove the tile than we had planned. I feel terrible, but we left my grandmother with no kitchen floor. She said she was fine with it. She doesn't have company over often, but still I feel bad about it. My parents go every other weekend, and Jared and I try to go with them as often as we can. The will not be going two weekends from now as they will be out of town and it is the weekend of Easter, but they will go the weekend after. We are going to have to be sure to go that time and be prepared to lay the tile.

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