Monday, June 29, 2009

A Beautiful New Day

I started today very sluggish. In fact, recently I've been very tired with no real explanation. General aches and pains. Today I was talking to my sister who's birthday is on the 10th of July. She said that she plans to lose ten pounds between now and then. That is twelve days from now. I can do that - I think. Jared and I are going to try to be there for her birthday (he has a work trip and we'll tack a vacation on to the end). I weighed myself this afternoon, and I'm 8lbs over a round number. No, I won't tell which one, but lets call it round because that is how I feel! I can reach that number by the tenth I think. Eight pounds in twelve days. That's 0.6 pounds a day.

I started by doing "Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred." I made it through! I can't say much else for my performance, but I did it. I think I will try to stick with this for the 30 days. I was checking it out online and found a woman who is posting video of herself every week for 12 weeks and she is doing that program. She is on week 8 and looking great! I don't know if I can do this every day for 8 or 12 weeks, but I have to start somewhere! I've been feeling terrible recently, so I have to do something!

On another note, we are going Blackberry picking tonight. I'm really excited about this, although I don't know if my arms will work! I'm already a little sore. I reached way out of my comfort zone and sent an email to a girl that I'm on a volunteer board with and I recently discovered that she lives in the house diagonally behind me. I told her that I was going blackberry picking this week and would can a bit later in the week and asked if she would be interested in going too. Sure enough she said she'd love to go and loves blackberries. She has never canned before and I've only done it once, so my mother-in-law will go picking with us and help us with the canning. I'm so excited. In fact, I leave in a half and hour, and I need to get ready!

UPDATE** I called the berry place just before we left, and...They were closed for the season. I'm so bummed. I thought of this idea before the season even started, and I tried to get it in early enough. Most places said they usually close Aug 15. Rats!

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