Saturday, July 4, 2009

How do I count this?

Yesterday, Friday, I didn't work out. We got up, made breakfast and drove south to visit my grandmothers. I just didn't get it done. Today, I did work out. Jared didn't join me. He had spent an hour in the garage (it's about 100 degrees outside, not counting how the garage traps heat) and didn't have the energy. Apparently he also didn't have the energy to keep Miles from climbing all over me while I worked out.

We had a nice visit, saw both grandmothers, and played a lot. Miles really enjoys visiting there I think. In other news, we booked plane tickets. For this Wednesday. We are flying to CT to visit my sisters for about a week. Yikes! It's about a 4 hour flight and we have layovers both ways! I have no idea how to keep Miles entertained all that time. Wish me luck! On a positive note, my sister has a girl about Miles' age, so there are lots of toys there.

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

I'll be so, so interested to hear how Miles does on the flight across country. I am still more than a little bit afraid of taking something like this on with my own kids.

Hearing your tales will be like understanding how the experiment will turn out. :)