Tuesday, August 18, 2009

14 weeks until December!

It is 14 weeks until December. Can you believe it? At the beginning of the month, a week and a half from now, the Holiday Grand Plan starts. I'm excited about this. I really hope to get a lot of work done around here this year. Also, I really need to throw some things out!

So, back to 14 weeks. I think it is totally reasonable to lose 20 pounds between now and then. I'd be thrilled if I could lose 20 pounds before December starts. Jared is beginning to get into working out. I've been working out a fair amount more than I had been. I'm trying to get to the rec center for the workout class as often as possible. I haven't been eating well, and that is why I'm not losing weight (I think). So, I'm going to do it. I'm going to lose 20 pounds by December. I'm going to weigh myself tonight, and start now. The 14 weeks actually starts next week, but what's a jump start going to hurt?

Monday I went to the work out class at the rec center. Today Miles and I went to Sara's for a fast walk over reasonably hilly territory. I need to continue that...activity every day and eating well. It is going to be hard with mom's stuff going on. I'm cooking and taking food to the hospital at least every other day, visiting the other days. I'm trying to cook and fill their freezer and I'll be working to keep reasonably healthy food on their table (and ours) when she's released. We have family birthdays and anniversaries coming up. All this will make it a little more difficult, but here we go!

About mom, she's doing ok. She was pretty sick all day yesterday with quite a bit of throwing up. They put her back on IV fluids. The doctor isn't too concerned, but sent her for x-rays to be sure that nothing is blocked. It isn't too unexpected. He had to do quite a bit of cutting when she was in surgery. He said the cancer was attached to everything. All the cutting means that it is a bit harder for her digestive system to get going again, but she's doing ok.

This was long and rambly, but I'm posting it anyway. I'll do better next time.

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